What is the Skidding System?

The Skidding System was specifically designed for accurate positioning, load out of heavy objects, or launch of jacket structures. The equipment can be easily operated using a double hydraulic system: gripping and push-pull, which guarantees controllable and accurate positioning of objects with a movement of loads up to 10,000 tonnes. The Skidding System does not require any special skid beam preparations and also demands a low maintenance cost.

Skidding System

Skidding System Principle

During positioning and loading of objects, the Skidding System utilises the hydraulic push-pull system to operate. Specifically, the tool pressurises the gripper jacks on the beam, pushing the objects by extending the skid jacks. Subsequently, the Skidding System releases the gripper jacks and retracts the skid jacks to finalise one operation loop. These operation loops of the Skidding System would continue to be executed until the objects are perfectly located.

Skidding System Principle

Why is the Skidding System suitable for your project?


  • Hydraulically operated
  • High movement of loads (up to 10,000 tonnes)
  • Controllable and accurate positioning
  • Easy to use, no special preparations required
  • Low maintenance cost
Skidding System


We can support you with providing our Skidding System and matching equipment such as other handling equipment and powerpacks. Our service engineers are available 24/7 for you when you need support or maintenance service. This will be carried out manually or by remote controlling.

If you want more information about our Skidding System, do not hesitate to contact us.

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