Prolonged energy transfer for reduced noise at the source

EQ-Piling is a new piling technique with a substantially prolonged impact force characteristic that creates a very smooth energy transfer to the pile. This new technology uses the impact of a contained water mass over a prolonged period, producing a pushing force on the pile instead of an impact force with conventional piling.

This smooth transfer of energy reduces pile wall vibration, which is the main cause of noise and installation fatigue. By reducing underwater noise levels directly at the source, costly noise mitigation measures can be avoided.

EQ-Piling can even be the only option for pile driving with the most challenging soil conditions, where noise mitigation measures are less effective. Take, for example, the Baltic Sea. Here, low strength sediment deposits can lead to long range noise tunnelling in the top soil layer. Because EQ-Piling reduces underwater noise levels at the source, monopiles can be installed easily within underwater noise legislation even in the Baltic Sea.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Is EQ-Piling suitable for my project?

Are you looking for a way to install the increasing sized monopiles, while reducing noise at the source during installation? Our EQ-Piling technology got you covered. For a tailored advice do not hesitate to contact us!

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Piling for offshore installations in Europe is restricted by precautionary regulations for underwater noise and its effect on sea life. This limitation during construction increases the cost price. IQIP has found a way for you to enlarge your installation window and reduce costs with innovative technology for effective noise mitigation. For more information on noise mitigation challenges and solutions see this video. Noise mitigation challenges and solutions in Offshore Wind – YouTube

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