What is the slotted frame?

The slotted frame is designed for short piles and low padeye positions. It allows pre-attached padeyes and chain to be used with the frame and is adaptable for multiple pile diameters without recovering back to deck, by its leight weight. Currently, the slotted frame is available for a pile range from 24″ – 96″ diameter and for sleeve inserts for installing multiple sized piles. The mudmasts sizes from 12 to 18 meters.


Slotted Frame IQIP


The Slotted Frame can be applied in the following ways.

  • Anchor arrays including the FPSO, FSO and FLNG
  • Single point moorings for Offshore Loading Systems
  • Riser and mid-water arch anchors
  • Pipeline inclinations and Conductor pre-installation
  • Accurate pre-driven installations for wind farm jackets, test piles and anemometer masts



Slotted Frame 1

What is in the slotted frame for you?

Our Slotted Frame is globally available, and the Pile orientation system allows up to 140° alignment window. Additionally, the slotted frame operates in all water depths, offers a ROV friendly interaction and offers a digital inclination meter for the seabed slope.

Slotted Frame onboard Skandi Hercules
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