Your civil foundation installation challenges

Do you have a Coastal & Civil project where you deal with high-risk situations and want to reduce downtime? Or a situation where you have to act fast and need maximum availability? In both situations you need a reliable solution, right? We are there to minimise your costs and guide you towards successfully accomplishing any onshore project.

IQIP is your full-service partner for all pile driving operations both onshore and nearshore. With over 30 years of experience working with clients, providing complete solutions for their complex construction projects, we have developed an unmatched track record. As a result, we know the challenges you face and have the knowledge, experience, and flexibility to support you every step of the way.

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Cast in Situ

How we would like to help during your civil projects

We can mainly divide Coastal & Civil piling projects into Buildings (Cast in Situ), Infrastructure (Bridges), and Harbours (Jetties & Quay Walls). Within these market segments we continuously innovate in order to offer you the most reliable products and operate with maximum availability and minimum downtime.

Alongside product performance, we understand that you have to deal with all kinds of regulations and aim for sustainability. To help you we have many years of experience in noise mitigation, geotechnical investigation and operational safety. We understand your challenges and can provide advice about soil conditions, hammers and piles/sheets to optimise your piling procedure.

If you should require guidance with respect to operations, we are capable of providing you with proper training or even sending our operators onsite for your specific project. Furthermore, we improve our products and services by using digitalisation and developing smart devices, which can help you to make the piling procedure easier, safer and more efficient.

One of these products is the control panel C-36. The C-36 can guide you with remote assistance, so we are even able to support you from a distance. The system can also provide maintenance insights or drivability reports to give a clear insight into your operations. Additionally, IQIP offers a 24/7 support service.


For the construction of bridges there are multiple piles, diameters and methods. IQIP is capable of dealing with large diameter piles. Our wide range of hammers and sleeves are used frequently for bridge foundations all over the world. One of the biggest hammers ever supplied for a bridge foundation project (the Tappan Zee Bridge) is the S-2000 Hydrohammer.



Whether they are unloading LNG carriers, oil carriers or berthing vessels, in order to provide an invaluable service jetties must be able to withstand the full force of nature. Using the Hydrohammer can prove to be the perfect solution for installing either steel or concrete foundation piles. The ram weight of the Hydrohammer S-series is relatively light in comparison to its competitors, and the hammer receives a substantial part of its power from acceleration due to the gas pressure on top of the piston. This greatly improves its handling and makes it ideal for constructing jetties.

Raked Pile Driving 

The majority of jetties consist of a series of bents of raked steel piles, driven into the ground. Traditional methods for raked pile driving are inefficient due to their inability to compensate for the loss of gravitational energy. This is not the case with the Hydrohammer. By adjusting the gas pressure above the ram’s piston head, the ratio between the energy delivered by gravity and by gas energy can be adjusted. When driving raked piles, the gas pressure is increased to compensate for the loss of gravitational energy. Driven piles up to a rake of 1:1 (45 degrees) can therefore be driven at full force.


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When it comes to installing foundations and quay walls for complex maritime projects, steel structures are the best solution. As a result of its unique design, the Hydrohammer is perfectly suited to driving steel piles and essential for a successful installation. For driving sheet piles, the Hydrohammer can be equipped with sheet legs. These provide the required stability when driving sheet piles in a free hanging mode, eliminating the need for a leader.

In the event that you have more specific situations, we offer special solutions. For instance, driving clutched piles is possible with a specially designed clutch sleeve. With this sleeve, the use of a follower or dolly to drive clutched piles is no longer required. Furthermore, you can use a special sleeve which fits perfectly on the sheet legs, making pile driving more cost-effective and efficient.


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Rock breaking

Equipped with a chisel set, the Hydrohammer® becomes a highly effective and powerful rock breaker. It is able to produce the high impact force necessary for breaking rock, cemented layers, concrete floors and slabs.

Chisel with housing

The Hydrohammer® can be used as a rock breaker both on land and underwater. It is fitted with a special sleeve that features
an internal anvil and a chisel. After being driven into the rock, the hammer and chisel are lifted and moved to the next spot. Delivering upward blows and lifting the hammer at the same time strongly facilitates the retraction of jammed chisels.

Rockbreaker Coastal and Civil