The Hydrohammer® can be used as a rock breaker both on land and underwater. It is fitted with a special sleeve that features an internal anvil and a chisel. After being driven into the rock, the hammer and chisel are lifted and moved to the next spot. Delivering upward blows and lifting the hammer at the same time strongly facilitates the retraction of jammed chisels.


The Rock Breaker set exists of a leader with integrated cylinder, manifold and measuring devices. To withstand heavy resistance, the Hydrohammer must be properly guided in a leader-guide profile. This operating criterion secures the central alignment of the chisel and hammer for optimum energy transfer between ram/anvil and chisel. The position of this leader profile should be fixed during breaking and extracting.

Rock Breaker 2


The Hydrohammer has proven its reliability for rock breaking projects, and IQIP offers other equally reliable handling equipment which can be used to lift and position the rock breaker and leader profile, including a piling rig, excavator or backhoe, or a cutter dredger. The choice depends predominantly on the equipment available for the project, and on water depth.


The average compressive strength that a normal cutter dredger can handle is 40MPa. To date, rocks with a hardness up to 230MPa have been successfully broken using an S-70 Hydrohammer to punch vertical holes in a relatively level surface.


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Frequent Asked Questions

Is IQIP’s Rock Breaker suitable for my project?

Dredging contractors have been using IQIP’s Rock Breaker attachment for many years. Regardless of whether it’s above ground or underwater, if you cannot use explosives, or have other environmental limitations such as nearby pipelines, then, together with a Hydrohammer, our Rock Breaker is the most powerful solution available in the market.

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We can support you with our Rock Breaker, Hydrohammer, services and matching equipment like sleeves, hoses, umbilical and hydraulic winches and powerpacks. Our service engineers are available 24/7  if you need support, maintenance, or spare parts for your Hydrohammer. This will be carried out manually or by remote controlling.

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