Meet our Monopile Plug

Our Monopile Plug creates an air and watertight seal at one or both ends of a pile. The towing is directly on the plug and no special preparations to the monopile are required. The Monopile plug can be used in combination with our Upending Tool. Our Upending Tool is specially created for upending large diameter piles. Next to that, the sealing is done by solid rubber, the plugs are hydraulically operated and the design includes redundancy.

The Monopile Plug makes it easier to deliver piles to the installation sites, which are usually harbours, or the deck of a vessel. It is possible to open one of the plugs, then one part of the pile is filled with water and is heavier than the other part. This means that the pile upends itself and it just needs to be lifted.

Monopile Plug 1
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