Meet our Pipe cutter

Equipment designed to cut jacket and structures

In many decommissioning projects, monopiles, pipes or structures have to be cut, before they can be transferred safely to shore. IQIP developed the Pipe Cutter to support you during this step of your project. The Pipe Cutter is suitable for applications subsea and can be used in a variety of angles, which ensures fast and reliable cuts in areas that are difficult to reach.

Pipe Cutter 2

Safe and efficient decommissioning

The Pipe Cutter is especially developed to change and improve the decommissioning process in order to make future projects more feasible, efficient and safe. With this tool, no human intervention is needed during the operation, which increases the safety onboard during decommissioning. This is because the ROV of the Pipe Cutter is sufficient, making sure no divers are needed.

Like all IQIP products, efficiency has always been one of the key focus points. IQIP’s Pipe Cutters are designed to ensure fast handling with limited process time on site.

Pipe Cutter 1


  • Hydraulically operated
  • Innovative manipulator arm allows for subsea repositioning
  • Current designs for pipe size 12” – 36” and 24” – 48”
  • Pipe cutting forces 1,000t – 1,300t
  • Designed for maximum water depth of 150m
  • Cost and time effective design compared to existing alternatives


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