Our Pile handling and Positioning solutions

With our pile handling and positioning solutions, we aim to reduce the installation and total costs of offshore projects and to extend the possibilities of the Monopile XL in offshore wind projects. Our product range includes pile-handling equipment for upending, lifting and guiding of piles. Our equipment can also be utilised for the installation of FPSO mooring piles, pipeline initiation piles, wellhead protection piles, pre-piled jacket foundations and pre-driven conductors.


Post-Piled Jacket Foundation Installation

The installation of the post-piled jacket foundation consists of several consecutive steps. Firstly, the jacket is lifted by a Flanged Jacket Lifting Tool (FJLT) and placed onto the seabed. Piles are then upended and lifted to be positioned in the jacket legs. The piles are driven into the seabed with a hydraulic hammer such as our Hydrohammer. Jacket Pile Grippers, that were already placed on the jacket in advance, secure the jacket, retain the levelled position and offer stability while the piles are being grouted using a high-strength grout. The jacket is now ready for the next phase of the wind turbine installation.

Post Piled Jacket Installation pile driving optimisation

PRE-PILED JACKET INSTALLATION and Gravity-Based Wind Turbines

Large monopiles are currently dominating the offshore wind market. But as the shift to deeper water and larger turbines continues, jackets and tripods are being chosen more often as foundation types. For the installation of these foundations, IQIP can contribute its experiences and proven technology from the Oil and Gas market.

Besides that, as offshore wind farms grow in size and move towards deeper waters, gravity-based wind turbines are becoming more attractive. By using our renowned experience and proven technology from the Oil and Gas market we can provide attractive and cost-effective solutions for the installation of gravity-based wind turbines.

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