Noise Reduction System

Reduce noise emissions during construction

To ensure a safe working environment and minimalise damage due to airborne noise pollution when pile driving with the Hydrohammer®, IQIP offers an optional airborne noise reduction system. This consists of an enclosure at the point of impact, and bellow sections around the pile.

The design was developed in collaboration with the Dutch research institute TNO. Noise levels can be reduced by 15dB(A), which is a great improvement for noise emission levels on today’s construction sites. Our noise reduction system is available for free-hanging and leader-guided pile driving.

Noise Reduction System 2
Noise levels with and without Noise Reduction System

Frequent Asked Questions

Is the Noise Reduction System suitable for my project?

Do you want to make certain of a safe working environment and minimalise damage due to noise pollution at the same time? Pile driving with the Hydrohammer® in combination with the Noise Reduction System makes this possible.

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