Proven solutions for upstream oil and gas projects

Both surface and subsea

IQIP provides reliable solutions for upstream oil and gas projects, both surface and subsea, and in all water depths. IQIP is the market leader for pile installation, structure lifting and handling equipment in the offshore market.

We have been involved in offshore oil and gas projects since the introduction of our first Hydrohammer in 1984. Since then, we have successfully executed hundreds of projects.

We provide high-end equipment and in-depth expertise to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency. We work and innovate tirelessly to help our customers meet and exceed their ambitions.

Integrated Solutions

Profound expertise and fully optimised technical solutions

We deliver fully optimised technical solutions that combine advanced technology, design and asset capabilities to our clients.

IQIP draws on a long history of designing, constructing, delivering and maintaining offshore technology for applications in the oil and gas market. We offer the option either to purchase or rent specialist equipment, or design and manufacture tailor-made solutions.


Our Track Record

More than 600 projects safely completed

For installation contractors in the oil and gas industry, much depends on a flawless project execution.

Offshore construction takes place further out at sea, and circumstances such as heavy weather, the corrosive sea environment, forces due to waves and currents, and strains due to bending and pressures are only some of the technical challenges we face.

At the same time, reducing impact on marine life and the environment is a top priority and requires our full attention.

IQIP has an extensive track record of solutions that help our customers achieve their targets and maintain a safe working environment.

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We help you reach your targets

We are well positioned to help our customers reach their goals. As a reliable partner, we co-operate closely with you to provide a complete package of equipment and services for any type of offshore installation, from subsea infrastructure and mooring of FPSOs to jackets in deep waters.


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