Proven technology for effective noise mitigation

IQIP is known for its practical and theoretical knowledge and expertise, with a main focus on offshore and onshore pile driving techniques. Pile driving for onshore and offshore installations is restricted by precautionary regulations for airborne and underwater noise. Fortunately, IQIP is always investing in the development of new innovative noise reduction solutions to ensure an environmentally friendly installation.

Therefore, IQIP has found a way for you to enlarge your installation window and reduce costs with innovative technology for effective sound mitigation. It is the only proven technology for noise mitigation during pile driving and complies with current international noise mitigation legislation, including the strictest German regulations in offshore wind in place for all German offshore wind projects.

Offshore Noise Mitigation

At IQIP we have three types of equipment that mitigate noise during offshore projects. Our first innovation is the Integrated Monopile Installer. Our Integrated Monopile Installer encompasses several features focused on reducing noise levels during pile driving while at the same time reducing operational time in several ways, increasing accuracy and creating a safer working environment. The system also includes components for inclination and rotation of the monopile. All elements together, integrated into one system, safeguard against the impact from waves and currents, providing a longer installation window which significantly contributes to cost reduction.

One of our latest innovations, PULSE®, reduces noise levels significantly at source and creates an environmentally friendly installation. This damping system (add-on to hammer) is positioned between the hammer and sleeve and can be used on IQIP’s existing large hammer fleet.

The EQ-Piling® technology is an innovative pile driving solution that uses the deceleration of a large water column to deliver a long-duration blow to the pile. The technology reduces noise at the source during installation without the need for hands on deck, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly installation.

Offshore Noise Mitigation System

Offshore Noise Mitigation equipment

Onshore Noise Mitigation

With our onshore Noise Reduction System (NRS), there is no need for temporary noise barriers nor the use of time slots during pile driving. The NRS covers both the impact area of the hammer and the total pile length, creating a safe noise level of 80 dB(A) at a distance of 20 m from the hammer as opposed to a distance of 100 m from the hammer without NRS. This enables pile driving in urban areas and creates a safer working environment.

In addition, to ensure a safe working environment and minimise damage due to noise pollution when pile driving with, for example, the S-70/90 Hydrohammer, IQIP offers the onshore PULSE. This system, which is an add-on to the Hydrohammer, is positioned between the pile driving hammer and sleeve and damps the impact and noise with two hydraulic plungers. The volume in between the plungers can be filled with water, which controls the impact characteristic, thus reducing noise at the source. PULSE can reduce the SEL of conventional hammers by 6-10 dB and the SPL by 5-12 dB, which is a great improvement on noise emission levels on today’s construction sites.

Nrs System onshore noise mitigation

Onshore Noise Mitigation Equipment

Noise Mitigation challenges and solutions in offshore wind

Pile driving technologies and noise mitigation measures clearly have an impact on the foundation, installation costs and reliability, as well as on the underwater environment. Because of this, IQIP is open for dialogue and ready to work with biologists, regulatory bodies and developers to ensure the continued development of offshore wind farms in harmony with marine life.

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