Meet the Pile Upending Tool

During an operation, we stab the Pile Upending Tool into the monopile while it’s horizontally stored on board. After stabbing the monopile, the latches connect underneath the pile top flange connection and create a fail-safe connection. This connection also ensures that your monopiles stay in perfect condition during this part of the installation sequence.

Our Pile Upending Tool makes it possible to raise monopiles efficiently and place the pile in the needed position. The same actually applies to our Flanged Pile Upending tool, which is specially designed for XL piles with a flange. The tool installs flanged monopiles safely while being remotely controlled by operators on board. The Flanged Pile Upending Tool has lifting capacities up to 1,600t, with an XL version with larger capacity already on the drawing table, where this upending tool can upend up to 1,400t.

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IQIP provides a wide range of Upending Tools for piles up to 6,500 mm diameter and without the need of special pile preparations.


  • Lift diameters up to 6,500mm
  • Lifting capacities of 290t, 700t, 1000t, 1400t & 2025t
  • Certified and designed according Lloyds Lifting Appliances
  • Available for rent


  • Adjustable to any diameter (within range)
  • Hydraulically operated
  • UT’s are equipped with IQIP’s innovative fail safe principle
  • No special preparations of pile
  • Compatible with IQIP’s Monopile Plugs
  • Optional tool monitoring systems
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Does the Pile Upending Tool suit my project?

If you are looking for a tool that can raise monopiles efficiently and place them in the perfect position, look no further! The Pile Upending Tool is perfectly suited for your project.

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