Ensuring smooth operations for our customers worldwide

IQIP’s customers operate in a world that revolves around safety, efficiency and reducing costs. To complete their projects accordingly, they need to work alongside several partners, use different types of equipment and tune all of this to perfection. Our service engineers can make a difference by ensuring all elements are working optimally and, in the event of unforeseen challenges, minimising downtime.

The expertise of our people

Our engineers use their expertise as well as their instincts and understand that the projects entrusted to them only gain value once the installation is handed over on time, safely, and meeting the customers’ specifications. This is one of the reasons why IQIP has been set up to be as flexible as possible. Thanks to short internal lines of communication, we can react quickly and professionally.

We offer a range of services that can be deployed worldwide through our experienced and motivated team of service engineers. They are trained to operate our rental equipment, or customer systems, and carry out any necessary maintenance and repair work.

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Well trained and certified

Our service engineers are fully equipped to ensure our solutions work perfectly, and that they are completely integrated into your primary process. They can be hired along with our equipment (or separately), hold a valid medical certificate of fitness, and are OPITO-certified.

We strive for long-term co-operation with our customers so that we can organise the installation or foundation of a project from beginning to end. Our engineers can get the most from any team, share knowledge effectively, work safely and act as the driving force in creating highly efficient processes.

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