Intelligent Equipment smart foundations

At IQIP your needs and wants are the driving force behind our innovation. We share the passion for your projects and use cutting edge technologies. We deliver intelligent equipment to ensure the success of your project. But we do not stop there. We collaborate continuously with you in the search for new operating models, combining the latest digital technologies with our operating capabilities and intelligent equipment so that we deliver smart foundations!

C 36 Control System digital services


We live in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, where business needs to operate under ambiguous circumstances in increasingly complex environments. Under such circumstances we still want to deliver on your expectation of superior service. With digital technologies, IQIP is more agile in responding to your needs, can deliver solutions that are more aligned to your business success and ultimately deliver a superior customer experience. Customer Delight!

C 66 Control System digital service

How do we do DIGITAL?

We apply digital technologies hosted in our secure cloud and edge computer infrastructure, employing the latest machine learning and AI technologies that complement our core expertise and business operations, delivering value to you through smarter products and services in an optimal manner.


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IQIP’s digital services bridge the gap between our physical intelligent equipment and the plethora of operations and business data available to deliver applicable insights via your preferred channels through excellent digital, products and services! Curious? Why not check out our customer portal, MIQIP Portal?

How you benefit!


We believe that the quantification of installation risks during the design phase and during the execution phase of your projects is essential to mitigate project risks. We combine our extensive project expertise and data and employ machine learning technology and web services to deliver quantitative insights into project installation risks.


Improve process efficiency by completing your job site preparation in the comfort of your office. Log operational data for informed decision-making during and well after all operations have been completed. Gain operational control with automated piling, troubleshooting and testing functions while you benefit from improved safety. Gain insight into operations and improve process efficiency by reducing reporting time.


That is why, in our journey to becoming digital, our success isn’t just about technology – it’s about becoming more digital in the right places and in the right ways for the right reasons.

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