What is Combi Lifting Spread?

In the harsh conditions of the offshore wind market, crane operations can often be labour-intensive and come with risks. Nevertheless, IQIP has developed the Combi Lifting Spread™, a crane tool that can safely and easily be linked to the different equipment required during the installation process.

This tool assists offshore contractors to overcome these challenges on safety, increase efficiency and reduce installation costs in order to achieve optimum results in their project.

How does it work?

Multiple installation tools

The Hydrohammer, Transition Piece Lifting Tool (TPLT), Flange Pile Upending Tool (FPUT) and Integrated Monopile Installer all have interface sockets that connect easily with the Lifting Connector to serve as a replacement system from the conventional shackle and rigging connections.


The Lifting Connector

The main piece

One of the key design principles on the Lifting Connector is the ring of latches around its center, which can slot seamlessly into the corresponding sockets. The latches connect underneath the flange of each socket on the corresponding equipment, creating a fail-safe lift and allowing each tool to be introduced quickly as required.

The Lifting Connector can be fitted with several additional features, such as a global positioning system (GPS) and a video image processing unit (ViP). When a tool of the Combi Lifting Spread is needed, the Lifting Connector connects with the lifting interface socket and lifts the tool easily through the center of gravity to ensure a stable and safe lift, ensuring monopiles and transition pieces can be placed with less crane movements and vertical transits.

Combi Lifting Spread

Why Combi Lifting Spread?

Compared to traditional manual connections with crane hooks and installation equipment, which require a team of riggers to use more slings and shackles, the Combi Lifting Spread is proven to increase efficiency by reducing risk, time, materials, and fuel. One of IQIP’s valued clients achieved a 20 percent time saving when installing monopile foundations, which reduced vessel hire time, fuel consumption, and equipment costs.

  • Increases safety by reducing human interference
  • Reduced crane movements and the number of interfaces
  • Less deck space needed
  • Less wear of cables and sheaves


DJI 0112

Let’s build together and work on your next project

IQIP strives for safer and environmentally friendlier operations, which can be achieved through our continuous improvement approach. Let’s build together and install your foundations efficiently, cost-effective and safely. We can support you during your project by delivering our Combi Lifting Spread and provide the attached services. Besides that, our Advisory Services can give you advice on the most suitable approach of installation with the Combi Lifting Spread. Do you want more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is Combi Lifting Spread suitable for my project?

Whether you are active in Offshore Wind & Renewables or Oil & Gas market, safety practices are always considered as the utmost importance during your installation projects. By requiring less human intervention and optimising the critical path of operation, the Combi Lifting Spread could help you achieve the best results with on-board safety and efficient installation window. We are dedicated to offering you the best solutions, with our guaranteed expertise and innovative equipment!

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