Why work at IQIP?

The story of IQIP begins more than 30 years ago. Three companies, all specialised in installation and foundation projects, decide to work closely together to enable them to offer their customers total solutions. This successful collaboration is consolidated into the creation of IQIP. By consistently offering quality and customised solutions that optimise our customers’ operational efficiency, IQIP has acquired an international leading position as a supplier of total solutions for installation and foundation projects in the Offshore Wind, Decommissioning, Oil & Gas and Civil markets.

A prime focus within IQIP is to continue to invest in the development of knowledge and skills of our current and future employees. At IQIP, there is nothing to restrict your ambition. We want you to develop, grow and take the next step to more senior or different roles.



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Passion and craftsmanship

This international leading position is primarily due to our people. The core of our company consists of people who are obsessed with technology, combined with an enormous drive to help each other and our customers.

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Leading in quality

At IQIP we ensure that our equipment is of the best quality to guarantee high uptime and efficiency.

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Building with care for the environment

We build with care for our living environment, so that future generations can benefit from it. In short: we build for the future.

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Continuous sustainable innovation

Building for tomorrow requires efficient and environmentally friendly installation and foundation methods.

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Worldwide locations

IQIP has offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and USA, with knowledge of local markets and short transport and communication lines.

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30 years of leadership in installation and foundation projects

Quality and customised solutions in the Offshore Wind, Decommissoning, Oil & Gas and Civil market.