What is the Pile Anti Running Clamp and how does it operate?

During pile driving, running of piles can cause damage to the operating jacket, crane and hammer. Therefore, the Pile Anti Running Clamp (PARC) is a tool specifically designed to stop pile running within milliseconds to prevent any potential fatigue. Initially, PARC applies low clamping pressure in order to create a firm pile-clamp contact.

The tool then operates in combination with a standard power pack and high-pressure accumulator set; once pile running occurs, energy from the accumulator package will be released, resulting in the immediate stop of pile running. PARC offers flexible operational methods, which is suitable for either manual or automated control.

Pile Anti Running Clamp

Why the Pile Anti Running Clamp?

Prolong your installation window with our Pile Anti Running Clamp. This tool helps with reducing fatigue to equipment that are caused by pile running, while at the same time, creating a safer and more efficient working environment.


  • Prevent damage to jacket, crane and/or hammer caused by running piles
  • Optional manually or automatically operated
  • Transversal welds between pile sections can remain


We can support you with providing our Pile Anti Running Clamp and matching equipment such as other handling equipment and powerpacks. Our service engineers are available 24/7 for you when you need support or maintenance service. This will be carried out manually or by remote controlling.

If you want more information about our Pile Anti Running Clamp, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pile Anti Running Clamp suitable for my project?

If you need an equipment that offers a safe and efficient way to stop pile running during installation and reduce fatigue for your operating tools, the Pile Anti Running Clamp is exactly what you are looking for. For a tailored advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

We know that your projects take place in challenging environments globally, and sometimes, you need the support and guidance of a partner. That’s why we are here to support you. We provide high-quality services all around the world with personal assistance through our 24/7 service for all our customers. It doesn’t matter what environment you’re working in, or where your project is located, we will be ready to help you and offer you a solution. This means that in case of a breakdown, our service team will be ready to provide you with the most appropriate solution.

The tool is primarily utilised in several projects within the Oil & Gas market; however, it can also be used in other markets.

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