Tailor-made solutions

No matter how harsh the environment

Mitigating risk matters to you, therefore it matters to us, especially where your decommissioning project is concerned. IQIP can be your partner in delivering the fail-safe lifting equipment that you need, but we don’t stop there. We can assist you with evaluation and calculation as to the most suitable approach and equipment required for your project. It is our belief that it’s useful to take a broad overview of the work involved and appraise the full removal process. In this way, we can find the safest, most efficient and cost-effective solution for your decommissioning project.

Whether it is the removal of topsides, structures, jackets, subsea templates or pipelines, we provide you with the right equipment and/or create tailor-made solutions to make your ideas a reality. No matter how harsh the environment, our spirit for ingenuity will contribute to safer and more efficient operations.

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Cutting, Lifting, Excavating, Advice and Removal

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30 years of leadership in installation and foundation projects

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Creating the high-quality equipment you need

IQIP’s clear decommissioning commitment

Our first decommissioning project dates back to 2001 and we have been active ever since. We specialise in Cutting, Lifting and Excavating equipment, and we promise to stay with you from the first Advice and calculations to the completion of the Removal work. That’s IQIP’s CLEAR (Cutting, Lifting, Excavating, Advice and Removal) decommissioning commitment.

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We know that you have to deal with unique and complex challenges in your topside, structure and pile removal projects. IQIP co-operates closely with you to face these challenges together. Whether you need advice with evaluation and calculation, assistance with excavating and dredging, support with cutting activities or the careful and safe handling and lifting of topsides, structures and/or pipes, we are here to make your project as safe, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.


Conductor removal

After the removal of the topside and the plug and the abandonment phase comes the removal of the conductor. We know removing the conductor isn’t without risk. You have to lift the conductor safely and cut according to specific regulations. IQIP can provide expert services to support you through the process of removing the conductor and assist with the associated challenges you might face.


IQIP World

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Monopile and metmast removal

Over the past years, we’ve supported many clients with the installation of monopiles and metmasts. Alongside installation, we can also assist you with the removal. IQIP is here to support your decommissioning project every step of the way. Our engineers are ready to collaborate with you to find ways to reduce the risks and develop tailor-made solutions to make your monopile and metmast removal project a success.

But that’s not all. We can work with you at every phase of your project. From advisory services through to excavating, dredging, cutting, handling and lifting, we will be there to make your monopile and metmast removal project a success.

Transition Piece Lifting Tool

Subsea Infrastructure removal

Every decommissioning project is important. Whether it’s the structure and pipe removal or taking away the conductor, every project has its own challenges and consequences. This also applies to subsea infrastructure removal. By decommissioning the infrastructure, the area will be safe again for fishing boats and others to sail in. At IQIP, we take safety seriously. That’s why we are here to assist you with your infrastructure removal project. Together, we can ensure the careful removal of pipes and create safe waters.


Tailor-made solutions for decommissioning: Drill Pin

In decommissioning, IQIP believes in our CLEAR (Cutting, Lifting, Excavating, from Advice to Removal) philosophy. One of our new tailor-made solutions according to this commitment is the Drill Pin. The tool secures multiple strings, piles or structures during decommissioning lifts. It is beneficial to the current lifting conditions and, more importantly, it can improve safety conditions as well.

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