Developed for offshore wind installations, the IQ Series can drive piles continuously with a 100% energy capacity, or, depending on soil conditions, can be boosted to achieve the maximum power of 120% over a certain period of time. By regulating energy during pile driving to match the conditions on-site, the IQ Series offers an intelligent approach that optimises pile driving for a more efficient and precise installation, guaranteeing foundation stability.

The powerful hydraulic hammers from the IQ Series can also be combined with PULSE, for an efficient and environmentally-friendly installation with reduced noise, pile fatigue and operating costs.

  • The world’s most powerful hydraulic hammer
  • Ready for the future generation of monopiles
  • Minimum energy 275kJ
  • 100% energy (standard) 5500kJ
  • 120% energy (maximum) 6600kJ
  • Available for rent
  • Suitable impact hammer for the current generation offshore monopiles
  • Minimum energy 200kJ
  • 100% energy (standard) 4000kJ
  • 120% energy (maximum) 4800kJ
  • Available for rent
  • Suitable impact hammer for the current generation offshore monopiles
  • Minimum energy 150kJ
  • 100% energy (standard) 3000kJ
  • 120% energy (maximum) 3600kJ
  • Available for rent



IQIP’s S Series hydraulic piling hammer was developed in the early 80’s for driving steel piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, mooring systems, monopiles and starter piles for pipe laying. It has been deployed for use on Onshore construction, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind projects all over the world, and is known for its unique robust design and its reliability in the field. The S Series can drive monopiles up to 10m in diameter and can be used for driving free standing anchor piles through the Fast or  Slotted Frames. Over 30+ years, multiple ranges of hydraulic hammers in the S Series have been developed to cater for all types of piling and foundation work.

The S Series ranges from S-30 to S-2000 (30kJ – 2000kJ) and is available for rent and purchase.

Hydrohammer 5

In the Coastal & Civil markets, IQIP provides pile driving equipment and advice for the construction of stable foundations for bridges and jetties, harbours and quay walls, as well as building foundations. The S Series Hydrohammer is the perfect solution for pile driving a series of bents of raked steel piles, as often seen in jetty construction. Additionally, the hydraulic impact hammer is not only capable of installing piles and pipes horizontally, but it can also be used to remove disused piles and pipes from the ground.

When equipped with sheet legs, the Hydraulic impact hammer is the ideal tool for driving sheet piles. The legs provide the required stability when driving sheet piles in a free-riding mode and eliminate the need for a leader. Many different types of profiles can be driven this way, from single and double sheet piles to single and double H-beams, combi walls, and more. The unique shape of the polygonal anvil is also able to drive a wide range of sheet piles with maximum coverage.

Driving clutched piles is also possible with a specially designed clutch sleeve. With the short sheetleg set, a construction is made which pushes the guiding shoes to the sheet with just enough force to stabilize the hammer, with no extra acceleration to the hammer sheetleg construction.



The SW Series of Waterhammers are environmentally friendly hydraulic piling hammers using fresh or salt water as a medium instead of hydraulic oil. Developed for deep underwater pile driving up to a depth of 2000m, they can be used for all offshore piling jobs, including driving pipeline initiation pile, piles for jackets, conductors and mooring systems. The hammer is operated with a single hose (no return hose) without the need for a high voltage cable.

The SW Series is available for rent and purchase with hammer types SW-90 and SW-500 and pile sleeves up to 96”.

Waterhammer SW series


  • Efficient pile driving steel to steel
  • Proven very low down time rate
  • Advanced piling techniques available, such as HiLo (high frequency, low energy) driving in order to minimise fatigue damage and noise emmissions
  • Verifiable piling records for pre- and post-analysis assessments
  • Additional power acceleration of ram weight through gas spring
  • Pile Inclination Measurement Equipment (PIME) for measuring the level of inclination. PIME is not something that is directly integrated at the Hydrohammer. PIME is an optional equipment
  • Full energy at nearly all positions (0 – 90 degrees)


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All hydraulic impact hammer functions are electronically controlled by our new generation control and monitoring system. The system focuses on automatic pile driving based on the desired pile velocity, blow rate and blow energy, making the system easy to use. LEARN MORE

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Our current range of offshore power packs, includes types P-1100, P-2200 and P-3300. The newest series meets the latest offshore emission standards and the safety norm in line with the international maritime treaty.

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The purpose of the sleeve is to ensure that the blow energy of the Hydraulic hammer is transferred with the highest possible efficiency, while remaining fully in-line with the pile. The Hydrohammer sleeves are currently available in the diameter range up to 8.5 meters (top diameter).

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To ensure a safe working environment and minimalise damage due to airborne noise pollution when pile driving with the Hydrohammer, IQIP offers an optional airborne noise reduction system suitable for coastal and civil construction projects. This consists of an enclosure at the point of impact, and bellow sections around the pile. LEARN MORE

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This modular addition to the Hydrohammer, minimises noise during pile driving to deliver an environmentally friendly foundation installation. The elongated blow of PULSE is twice the duration of the blow of a conventional hammer, increasing piling efficiency while reducing pile fatigue and impact noise. LEARN MORE

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The correct choice of hammer can only be made after careful interpretation and assessment of the properties of the soil. To support customers, IQIP employs a team of experienced engineers to assist with pre and post pile driving analysis. These driveability studies are carried out using the most sophisticated software. LEARN MORE


Whether your project uses concrete or steel, precast or cast in situ, drilled or driven, we will help you select the right Hydrohammer, along with other supporting equipment such as sleeves, hoses, umbilical and hydraulic winches and powerpacks.

It doesn’t matter which environment you’re working in, or where your project is located, we are ready to help. Our service engineers are available 24/7 for you when you need support, maintenance, or spare parts.

Let’s discuss your next piling project!