What is the Flanged Pile Upending Tool?

Our Flanged Pile Upending Tool is specifically designed to upend and lift large diameter piles with an integrated flange. The tool installs monopiles safely while it is remotely operable, which means no direct human interference is needed during the installation. In addition, the monopiles do not require secondary steel, which makes the FPUT an even more efficient tool.

At IQIP, we have two types of Flanged Pile Upending Tools. One tool for smaller piles, and one for the pile upending and lifting of the biggest monopiles in the world.

Flange Pile Upending Tool 2

Discover how the tool operates

During a typical operation, we stab the Flanged Pile Upending Tool into the monopile while it is horizontally stored on board. After stabbing the monopile, the latches connect underneath the pile top flange connection and create a fail-safe connection. This connection ensures that there will be no markings on your monopiles during this part of the installation sequence.

The tool installs flanged monopiles safely while being remotely controlled by operators on board. In addition, during the upending and lifting of monopiles, the FPUT will use the geometry of the pile for support. Our Advisory Services can support you during your project with calculations for the monopiles and flange connections.

Flange Pile Upending Tool 1

Why Flanged Pile Upending Tool?

  • Use fail-safe connection
  • No markings on pile / flange
  • Wireless remotely operated
  • High efficiency
  • No special preparations of piles

Our upending tool makes it possible to raise monopiles efficiently and place the pile in the needed position, and the Flanged Pile Upending Tool is specially designed for XL piles with a flange. It has lifting capacities up to 1,600 tonnes, with an XL version with larger capacity already on the drawing table.

The FPUT can be remotely controlled by operators on-board using an integrated power pack, which increases safety during the installation process. In addition, all contact areas on FPUT are covered with protective materials for safety measurement.


Flanged Pile Upending Tool 1

Incorporate with the Combi Lifting Spread

The Flanged Pile Upending Tool can be used in combination with the Combi Lifting Spread. The Combi Lifting Spread is a spread that consists of multiple installation tools, that can be used for foundation installations. The main piece of the spread, the Lifting Connector, connects easily with the corresponding socket on top of the tool and lifts the tool without the need of riggers, shackles or slings. This increases the safety and efficiency on board.

Let’s build together and work on your next project

Let’s upend and lift your monopiles together in a safe and efficient way! Are you interested in Flanged Pile Upending Tool? Please, do not hesitate to contact our Advisory Services. We are more than happy to support you with our expertise.

Are you interested in the combination of the Flanged Pile Upending Tool and the Combi Lifting Spread? Please check the Combi Lifting Spread or contact us.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the Flanged Pile Upending Tool suitable to my project?

Are you looking for a tool that is designed to upend and lift large diameter piles? Our Flanged Pile Upending Tool installs monopiles safely while it is remotely operable, so there is no direct human interference is necessary during the installation period.

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