The challenges in Offshore Wind

At IQIP, we work closely and safely with our customers and stakeholders to create innovative and sustainable solutions in offshore wind. We recognise the numerous challenges involved in installing foundations for offshore wind turbines. Increasingly stringent environmental standards, deeper offshore areas, larger turbines and thereby larger monopiles, the use of floating installation vessels and the emergence of floating foundations are challenges that we are happy to tackle with our customers.

Through our integrated and professional approach, we provide a secure and cost-effective service based on our proven track record. By consistently offering quality and customised solutions that optimise the operational efficiency of customers, IQIP acquires an international leading position as a supplier of total solutions for offshore wind projects. By working closely together with our customers we can ensure maximum installation windows and mitigation of risk during the lifetime of a project and beyond.


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Integrated solutions

Pile driving, pile handling & lifting

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Great Track Record

IQIP has succesfully executed 190+ projects

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Tailor-made solutions

Creating the high-quality equipment you need

Four ways we approach Offshore Wind

We distinguish four different submarkets in offshore wind: monopile installation, post-piled jacket installation, pre-piled jacket installation and mooring installations. For monopile installation, we are preparing for the growth of turbines and the so-called ‘XL monopiles’ that support this growth. We are supersizing current proven techniques and developing new techniques. In addition, we offer our experience and proven technology from the oil and gas market for the installation of jackets. Lastly, mooring installations for floating wind: if our customer chooses these, we have the right equipment to place them correctly and efficiently.



How we add value for our customers

IQIP adds value by offering integrated solutions for your next offshore wind project. Our customers face difficult challenges in offshore wind: great water depths, increasingly large turbines, floating vessels and floating foundations, to name but a few. We strive to completely unburden our customers from the interpretation of soil investigation, geotechnical advice, engineering advice, pile driving, handling and lifting equipment, with the potential for customisation, service and maintenance.

We are always innovating. IQIP is preparing for the growth of monopiles so that we can install these in the future. Besides this, we are developing noise-reducing techniques to combat noise pollution underwater and airborne noise, so that our customers can install in a more environmentally friendly manner. The core of our company consists of people with a passion for technology and an enormous drive to help our customers.


IQIP World


Offshore Wind IQIP World

Our expertise: Noise Mitigation

IQIP is always investing in the development of innovative noise mitigation solutions that ensure an environmentally friendly installation of offshore wind projects. We have been a partner in creating renewable energy for many years, contributing to the energy transition, by installing foundations for offshore wind farms. Working safely and protecting marine life during pile driving are among our highest priorities.

Our green energy portfolio consists of proven noise mitigation solutions, such as PULSE, the Integrated Monopile Installer and EQ-Piling Technology.

Our expertise: Growth of Monopiles

The monopile is an increasingly popular foundation to support offshore wind turbines and will remain the dominant design for wind farms. At the moment, the largest size installed, known as ‘XL monopiles’, are approaching 10 m diameter. However, even larger wind turbines are now on the drawing board which would require the next generation of ‘XXL monopiles’ and the equipment to install and handle them.

The future is to go bigger in offshore wind and IQIP is keen to accommodate these developments. Our aim is to develop equipment that can facilitate the growth in monopiles. We will do this by supersizing current proven techniques and by developing new techniques, for example the Flange Pile Upending Tool (FPUT) XL, Hydrohammer IQ, XL Sleeves, Combi Lifting Spread (CLS) 3,000T and EQ-Piling Technology.

Our expertise: No Hands on Deck®

At IQIP, we recognise that people, the planet and profit are not mutually exclusive. Part of our philosophy is ‘No Hands on Deck®’, because we believe the safest way to work is to have as few people directly involved in potentially hazardous operations as possible. IQIP aims to achieve safer and more environmentally friendly operations, and we can do this through our products and our continuous improvement approach. Our work is never done because once we have developed the tools, we work on improving them, creating add-ons and integrating new solutions.

True to our philosophy of “No Hands on Deck”, we continue to work on our Combi Lifting Spread (CLS). By creating the CLS, we have not only reduced crane movements by over 50%, but also the workforce required for manually connecting the slings between the crane and the installation equipment. We made the whole operation safer by limiting human involvement – fewer hands on deck. Together with less wear and tear, this has a direct impact on the maintenance costs of the installation equipment.


No hands on Deck® equipment

Upcoming Market: Floating offshore wind

A floating wind turbine is an offshore wind turbine mounted on a floating structure that allows the turbine to generate electricity in water depths where fixed foundation turbines are not feasible. Since 80 percent of the world’s potential offshore wind resources are at water depths beyond the monopiles limit, attention is shifting to the prospect of floating foundations for wind turbines. It opens the door to sites further offshore by allowing the deployment of wind turbines in larger and deeper offshore areas with higher wind potential. Building on a proven track record, IQIP offers attractive and cost-effective pile driving, handling and lifting equipment for floating offshore wind farms.

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