Installing monopiles from a floating vessel kept on position by a DP system

The Dynamic Outrigger Frame (DOF) is designed to install wind turbine foundations (monopiles) from a floating heavy lift vessel keeping position by means of its Dynamic Positioning (DP) system.

The system compensates for residual vessel motions and ensures the correct pile position, orientation and verticality during the pile-driving process.

The DOF will reduce installation cycle time as no anchors need to be deployed to keep the vessel in position.

“DOF will enable contractors to speed up the foundation installation process and expand their operational weather windows”

Technical Director

Reduced construction costs

The Dynamic Outrigger Frame is set to be a groundbreaking piece of equipment long into the future. It will enable contractors to speed up the foundation installation process and expand their operational weather windows. This will result in reduced construction costs in the offshore wind sector.

Redundancy in system architecture provides a very reliable system which can maintain operation even in severe conditions.
In the unlikely event of a failure the system will go to a safe modus based on fall back scenarios which are defined with the help of extensive FMECAs.

By using the Dynamic Outrigger Frame a total of 30% to 40% cycle time reduction is possible per installed monopile.

IQIP has an extensive track record for monopile handling, pile driving and motion control. With all disciplines and expertise in-house, IQIP is in a unique position to provide the Dynamic Outrigger Frame from concept right through to actual design, build, delivery and operation.


To support your operation, we have developed an integrated simulation model of the complete monopile installation sequence with all relevant real world systems and parameters included.

With this simulation model we have validated our technology and it provides a good basis to check design parameters such as loads, stroke and speed in combination with a mechanical concept tailored to your needs.

This simulation model is used to evaluate the gripper performance in combination with the vessel and DP (Dynamic Positioning) System performance to ultimately result in increased workability. The simulation environment is also used throughout our projects to define parameters for detailed design, the basis for the control system, platform for testing, training and life cycle support.

Our in-house product development has led to several patent pending innovations; for example the ability to safely catch the swinging monopile with the gripper, accurate positioning on the target location and dealing with a wide range of soil conditions during pile driving.

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