What is the Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame?

The Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame (PGPF) is an innovative design that can be used for guidance of foundation piles during upending and for positioning of these piles during pile driving. This tool guarantees the accurate positioning of monopile by upending directly on pile position. PGPF also eliminates any extra transfer and vertical pile movement in order to maximise operational efficiency.

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How does the Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame work?

The Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame has maximum handling of pile diameters up to 6,000 millimetres, with a 700-ton hook holding capacity; which will be used to create contact with the pile and upending directly on pile position, ensuring the accurate positioning of the pile. During pile driving, PGPF can be used to adjust the verticality of the pile with a maximum tilting motion of ± 6˚, and an upending angle range of 0° – 93°. This eliminates any extra vertical movement of the pile, increasing crane efficiency and significantly reducing installation time.

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Why the Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame?


  • Accurate positioning of pile
  • Increase of crane efficiency, no vertical pile movement required
  • Significant reduction of offshore installation time
  • Can be used in combination with other deck equipment
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame suitable for my project?

If you need a faster and more efficient way to perfectly upend and position your piles during installation, the Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame is exactly what you are looking for. For a tailored advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

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The Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame can be used in combination with other deck equipment during offshore installation project, such as Pile Upending Tool or Flanged Pile Upending Tool.

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