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Welcome to IQIP America!

With over 30 years of experience, providing complete solutions for complex onshore, nearshore and offshore construction projects in the Americas, IQIP America has developed an extensive track record in the installation of foundations for Buildings (Skyscrapers, Cast-In-Situ, LNG Storage Tanks), Infrastructure (Bridges, Tunnels, Pipelines), Harbors (Terminals, Jetties, Quay Walls), and the Offshore Energy Sector (Monopiles & Jacket Foundations, Substations & Topsides, Anchors & Conductor pipes).

IQIP America provides geotechnical engineering services to advise the most effective, efficient, and suitable equipment for your piling operations, whether that’s vertical, at an angle or horizontal piling, above or (partially) below water level.

Our product portfolio includes the unique robust design and reliable Hydrohammer® which is easily controllable, safe in operation, environmentally friendly, and available for rental or sales in the Americas.

Next to pile driving equipment, we deliver subsea pile guiding, handling-, lifting- and levelling equipment to make your project a success. IQIP America is committed to providing the highest level of reliability, safety and expertise on every project!

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