Horizontal Piling in Portland


James W. Fowler Co. selected IQIP’s S-90 Hydrohammer to help install a 12ft-wide (3.6m) tunnel in Portland, Oregon USA. The project was overseen by the general contractor, Hoffman Construction Company.

The Hydrohammer – with a P-250 power pack and 24” (610mm) guide sleeve – is highly suitable on such a project where space is tight. Construction took place in a cofferdam, which was first excavated and reinforced by the general contractor. James W. Fowler Co. chose the Hydrohammer due to its compact footprint – ideal for confined spaces – and efficient transfer of energy from the hammer through an adaptor cone to the pipe. Due to the small sleeve, less energy was needed to move the anvil, with most  of the energy instead being transferred directly through the cone into the tunnel section.

Cables were hooked alongside the hammer and to the cofferdam walls adjacent to the tunnel. As the piping sections were rammed, the hammer was tensioned and retained against the pipe to maintain constant piling pressure. The process was repeated for each new 10ft (3m) section. As the project was being completed underneath an existing road and metro track, James W. Fowler Co. opted to drive the tunnel to remove the risk of cave-ins. In addition, the Hydrohammer further condensed and compacted the surrounding soil after each impact. It has a maximum energy blow of 66,380ft-lb (90kNm) despite being only 26ft (8m) in length.


Horizontal Piling in Portland 1

The S-90 Hydrohammer used for Portland project


An IQIP representative was also on site to assist with setting up the equipment and offer operational know-how. The project was a continuation of the close cooperation between James W. Fowler Co. and  IQIP, which again demonstrated the reliability of its equipment and expertise.

The project was successfully completed on time without any delays, Our contractor only heard great things from their customer, which is fantastic.

“Ultimately, we aim to make our customers look good and build track records with them. This development was no exception.”

IQIP Area Manager

James W. Fowler Co. was also delighted with the seamless way in which the project unfolded:

We were eager to use the S-90 Hydrohammer not only for its efficiency, but based on our positive experiences with IQIP equipment in the past,”

said Larue Nolen, James W. Fowler Co. Project Superintendent.

IQIP is also one of few companies with the capabilities and expertise to perform horizontal driving, which was vital to avoid any structural issues. We will certainly work with them again in the future.

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