A control solution for smarter pile driving

In a fast-changing world of foundation installation, with bigger and more complex civil and near-shore projects to deliver clean energy for all by 2030, construction companies are under constant pressure to work faster, and to operate both quietly and safely.

Smart tools such as the new C-36 Control System open a wide range of new possibilities in the control of the Hydrohammer and Power Pack. This proven, robust, and reliable tool simplifies pile driving without reducing system reliability.

The C-36 Control System enables the operator to change the blow energy and blow rate of the hammer right away. Its wireless control feature allows for real time data communication between the operator and his equipment via Wi-Fi.

By giving immediate insights to each ongoing project and facilitating equipment management, the C-36 improves piling efficiency and increases productivity for both new and existing equipment.

Work smarter and faster

When the bell tolls for our climate and the UN pushes the global agenda for sustainability, smart technology is at the heart of today’s piling. Increasing piling efficiency and daily production enables great cost and time savings, paramount to the Sustainable Development Goals. That is why digital tools are becoming increasingly important. The user-friendly C-36 Control System has been designed to help our customers complete any project on specification, on budget and in time.

The C-36 features improved intelligent piling algorithms that help the operator stay in full control of the piling operations via single blow, re-strike, or extraction. One of the key functions of the C-36 is the option of automatic piling, where blow energy and blow rate are automated for optimal operation. This makes is it much easier to achieve the desired energy level and blow rate, minimising energy consumption.

“In the Coastal & Civil market, we see an ever-growing interest for digitalisation”, explains one of the technical directors at IQIP. “Piling processes need to be faster and easier to handle. At the same time, it’s extremely important to be able to control and protect the equipment through instant access to operational data.”

Behind any successful innovation, you will likely find a committed organization with proper resources and a clear vision.

An entirely new way to control piling

The C-36 Control System greatly improves reporting transparency. The correct execution of the pile driving process is continuously monitored to detect any unstable behavior and protect the equipment from any damages. Timely notifications and self-regulating functions contribute to a smooth operation, eliminating unnecessary waste of energy and ultimately contributing to SDG.

All piling data are stored automatically in the control system and data logs can easily be exported via USB and GPRS. The operator can easily generate standard reports locally and customised piling records can be made using a web-based program. Predefined pile plans can be uploaded to the C-36 in advance or registered at the start of the project.

In addition, the system can automatically diagnose key functions of the hammer such as the solenoids and sensors. This means the C-36 Control System can assist you with trouble shooting in case any detected malfunctions must be resolved.

The C-36 Control System is equipped with a large intuitive touchscreen for main control. To ensure full confidence from all operators, steering can also be done using traditional manual controls.


C 36 Control System a solution for smarter pile driving

C-36 Control System, a solution for smarter pile driving

Benefits at a glance

  • The C-36 makes it easy for the operator to control the hammer by remote for increased efficiency.
  • Automatic piling means blow rate and blow energy are automated for optimal operation. The piling process is monitored continuously to prevent any trips.
  • HiLo piling is integrated in the automatic control mode to make operations more efficient, reduce pile fatigue and mitigate noise.
  • Single blow/re-strike possible for optimised piling operations.
  • With the diagnostic horizontal function test, both the hydraulic and electric functions of the hammer can be tested. The C-36 then assists the operator with trouble shooting in case any malfunction is detected.
  • The C-36 is very easy to use, includes multiple language options and minimises training costs for new personnel.

The future is now

By combining the C-36 Control System with the MIQIP portal, the customers gain even more efficiency and benefits. MIQIP is a global connected platform that provides operation intelligence on the foundation installation assets.

As a customer, you have direct access to all piling data, which means you can conduct a drivability study for each project in advance. This makes it possible to identify the ground conditions and the energy needed to get a pile into the ground. Foundation work can move forward faster and safer, which contributes to the over-all project profitability.

“With the new C-36 Control System we can speed up the work and minimise errors. We save time in the ongoing project and facilitate coming projects.”

The C-36 has been extensively tested in the field by our customers in Europe, Asia, North America, Japan and Australia. “We can see that our customers really appreciate having full access to their piling data whenever they need”, says a Program Manager Digital Products at IQIP. “The benefits are evident. Digital tools and automatisation of piling procedures are the future. It’s here, and it can improve the operation of both your existing Hydrohammers and any future installations”.

“As a crane operator, I have full control. The automated function saves a lot of time, and in more critical situations I can use the mechanical controls I’m used to.”

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