The key to efficient and sustainable energy projects

A few years ago, IQIP introduced a pioneering solution to deal with a well-known problem: Lifting and positioning heavy items with slings, shackles, and wires at sea is a dangerous, time-consuming, and unpredictable operation that ultimately impairs the possibilities for project development. 

Quicker installation and reduced risk are just two of the most apparent benefits with IQIP’s unique Combi Lifting Tool. The system has a patented quick-change functionality – the Lifting Connector that connects the crane to various installation tools without manual help. The crane operator can move and change installation tools with remote control. Less staff needs to be on deck, and IQIP and their customers can meet the world’s demand for more efficient windfarm projects with reduced carbon footprint. In hindsight, the Combi Lifting Tool’s success has surmounted expectations, and the convenient toolset is one reason why IQIP is your best partner for any demanding offshore project.

Combi Lifting Tool reduces time, risk, and energy consumption

IQIP’s innovative solution for heavy lifting is not just a piece of equipment. The Combi Lifting Tool is a whole new approach to offshore installations that provides opportunities for development and creative thinking.

The time savings alone are remarkable. You get fewer vertical transits, speedier connecting and disconnecting, and less rigging of shackles and slings. Furthermore, the installation will be much speedier and safer when the operator can simulate the installation sequence with digital training and follow a specified routine based on experience and calculations.

“Every reduction of risk, time, material, and fuel will add to a more environmentally friendly installation.”

The system’s centerpiece is the Lifting Connector that effortlessly connects to a socket on a selected installation tool, for example, the HydrohammerTransition Piece Lifting Tool (TPLT)Flange Pile Upending Tool (FPUT), or the Noise Mitigation System (NMS). The easy handling and quick-change functionality mean that a single crane operator can execute the entire operation with incredible precision, availing the built-in GPS, cameras, and a base inclination system. This is a great advantage as the booming windfarm market often forces the industry to deploy inexperienced staff in perilous and demanding situations. Furthermore, the system’s innovative construction reduces crane movements and vertical transits by at least 50%, saving time and wear-and-tear on the installation equipment and the crane itself.

Compared with a manual connection of crane hook and various installation equipment, which generally would require a whole group of riggers and much more slings and shackles, the CLT has been proven to reduce risk, time, material, and fuel considerably. For exmpale, one of IQIP’s valued customers obtained a 20 percent time saving when installing monopile foundations, reducing vessel hire, fuel consumption, and equipment costs.


Noise Mitigation System

Noise Mitigation System


Increased safety with shorter rigging length

Offering the safest possible solution is critical to IQIP’s engineers, who work closely with customers and carefully analyse every project to find new improvements. Pile runs in soft clay, for example, are particularly hazardous situations which could cause severe damage to equipment and vessel.

Saving the environment and finding new areas of use

Saving money and reducing risk are powerful motivators for any offshore enterprise. In this day and age, CO2 emission is another factor to consider – every reduction of risk, time, material, and fuel will add to a more environmentally friendly installation. That makes the Combi Lifting Tool an obvious choice as it is the most efficient lifting system on the market and an ideal solution for a wide range of tasks.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduces the environmental footprint by saving energy and CO2
  • Reduces risk of personal and material damage thanks to a remote-controlled operation with fewer crane movements and need for less staff on deck
  • Reduces risk of delays and incidents thanks to a tested, streamlined, and precise procedure with less installment material
  • Time-efficient installation
  • Reduces cost for wear and tear of cranes, cables, and shackles
  • Adaptable and developable – opens up new opportunities for large and complex projects

Because IQIP has developed the CLT and provides all the equipment, the customer will get a solution that has been thoroughly tested and worked out to perfection with data gathering and customer input.

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