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– News published on 3 October 2022

We launched the IQ Series of Hydrohammers

Building on the reliable technology of IQIP’s world class S Series of Hydrohammers, and representing the future of intelligent pile driving, the innovative IQ Series delivers IQIP’s largest hammers for pile driving on a grand scale.

Developed in response to the growing size of wind turbines for the increased production of renewable energy, the Hydrohammer IQ Series pushes the boundaries of current technologies to facilitate the installation of the world’s largest monopiles. The range includes the world’s largest Hydrohammer, the IQ6, which is capable of delivering a maximum intelligent pile driving energy of 6600kJ, making it ready for the future generation of monopiles.

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We presented our latest offshore innovations

With many international visitors to our stand over the 4-day-long exhibition, we hosted discussions about the future developments in offshore wind, and the innovative solutions IQIP has on offer to solve the technical, environmental, safety, and sustainability challenges in the market.

One such innovation, IQIP’s Dynamic Outrigger Frame (DOF), is designed to install monopiles from a floating heavy lift vessel, while keeping position using its Dynamic Positioning system. The system compensates for residual vessel motions and ensures the correct pile position, orientation, and verticality during the pile-driving process.

The DOF reduces installation cycle time as no anchors are required to keep the vessel in position.


PULSE, a modular addition to the Hydrohammer, minimises noise during pile driving to deliver an environmentally-friendly foundation installation. The elongated blow of PULSE is twice the duration of the blow of a conventional hammer, increasing piling efficiency while reducing pile fatigue and impact noise. PULSE can be adapted for different conditions and is able to perform at maximum peak force.

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