First monopile installed at Arcadis Ost I: A milestone for IQIP

News published on 9 June 2022

IQIP joins DEME and Parkwind in celebrating an import milestone this week, as the first monopile is installed at the Arcadis Ost I wind farm. The wind farm is one of the first projects to use ten-metre diametre monopiles, making it home to some of the largest wind turbines in the world.

The installation is a significant achievement for IQIP, as it’s the first deployment to combine an innovative range of new equipment, specifically engineered and manufactured in response to the offshore wind energy industry’s move toward using increasingly larger wind turbines.


By combining several of IQIP’s innovative tools on the project, DEME and Parkwind will achieve a faster and more efficient monopile installation, with improved safety on deck and minimised environmental impact, compared to traditional installation methods.

IQIP’s newest equipment deployed for installation operations on the project:


Currently, more than 80% of the wind turbines found in North Sea wind farms are built on monopile foundations. Larger wind turbines generate more renewable energy, and with monopiles being the dominant foundation design for offshore wind turbines, state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing methods are required to facilitate the increasing size of monopiles and their installation.

IQIP’s commitment to innovative engineering in order to accommodate the installation of the world’s largest monopiles, cements our position as the leading global supplier of intelligent and sustainable foundation and installation equipment.


Hydrohammer with PULSE Arcadis Ost 1 2
Hydrohammer with PULSE Arcadis Ost 1 1


Arcadis Ost I is a 257 MW offshore wind farm located in the Baltic Sea, where IQIP is supporting the contractor, DEME, and project developer, Parkwind, with the installation of the foundations.

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