IQIP Hydrohammer used for Abu Qir port project in Egypt

News published on 21 December 2021

IQIP Hydrohammer will be utilised to install quay walls and breakwaters for the Abu Qir port project in Egypt. The ambitious project boosts the further development of Abu Qir, including a large multifunctional port facility.

6,800 metres of quay walls for new moorings and 8,800 metres of breakwaters will be constructed using our Hydrohammers. These maritime works are being carried out by consortium partner GIECO. For the construction of the quay walls, GIECO will use the S-30/35 Hydrohammer with sheetlegs. The S-350 Hydrohammer will be used for other port operations. In addition, for the project, 1,000 hectares of new land will be reclaimed in Abu Qir. The approach channel to the harbour will also be deepened to 23 metres and a turning basin to 22 metres.

The project has already started and is due to complete in 2023.

Hydrohammer with sheetlegs

IQIP Hydrohammer with sheetlegs on the Abu Qir project

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