IQIP’s innovative noise mitigation solution, PULSE®, on route to Baltic Eagle

News published on 11 April 2023

IQIP’s IQ4 Hydrohammer with PULSE have been loaded out from IQIP’s yard in Sliedrecht and are on their way to Baltic Eagle. IQIP is supporting the contractor, Van Oord and project developer Iberdrola, with to the foundation installation of the wind farm.

The offshore wind project Baltic Eagle, located 30 km to the north ease of Rugen Island (Germany) will have 50 windmills of 9.53MW of unit power. With a total capacity of 476 MW it will be sufficient to meet the needs of 475.000 homes and avoid the emission of almost one million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.

Larger wind turbines generate more renewable energy, but during installation of monopiles at sea, the noise generated by high energy pilling may be harmful to the marine environment. State-of-the-art construction methods are required to minimise the impact of noise from pile driving activities on marine life.


For this reason, IQIP’s innovative noise mitigation solution, PULSE, will be used as an add-on to the IQ4 Hydrohammer. PULSE will tackle underwater noise at the source, and will be used in addition to other mitigation techniques on the project to reduce the environmental impact of the pile driving. The unit is positioned between the pile driving hammer and sleeve, and dampens the impact and noise with two steel plungers The elongated blow of PULSE – two times the duration of the blow of a conventional hammer – results in significant noise reductions of 6-10 db SEL and 5-12dB SPL, and the fatigue in the pile is also reduced by up to 60 percent, making it possible to install more complex monopiles without damaging secondary steel.


The volume in between the pistons of PULSE can be filled with liquid which controls the impact characteristic. The main advantage of PULSE is that it uses an adaptable volume of liquid as a cushion between two pistons, which helps to deliver a softer blow with a longer duration to the pile. This causes less vibrations in the water and soil. The liquid can be adjusted to ensure maximum noise reduction and optimum drivability of the pile in different locations and soil strengths.

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