IQIP’s latest and largest innovation in noise mitigation well on its way

News published on 28 November 2023

Construction of our new NMS-T-10000 is making good progress at the yard of Heerema Fabrication Group in Flushing, the Netherlands. In the coming weeks, the last three sections (of eight in total) will be delivered in Flushing for further assembly. 
The NMS-T-10000 will be the largest noise mitigation system in the world. When it is completed, it will have heights and wides as large as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. With a staggering height of 50 meters, a template base of 45 meters wide, a total weight of little under 2,500 tons, and capable of handling monopiles with a diameter up to 10.0 meters, IQIP is pushing the boundaries of current technologies once again. 
Noise from pile to water is almost completely blocked by IQIP’s noise mitigation systems, which is their unique feature as has been shown and proven on 600 monopiles installed. The NMS-T-10000 is derived from its successful NMS8000 and NMS8800 predecessors which are recognized as the best-in-class underwater noise mitigation technology. The basic concept of our noise mitigation systems is to create barriers between different media and materials. The NMS-T-10000 is, simply put, a double-wall steel screen featuring an air-filled annulus between the inner and outer screens and a multi-level and multi-size bubble injection system. This efficient solution mitigates up to 98-100% of the waterborne noise.

T NMS web

The NMS-T-10000 is suitable for use from a floating vessel and is capable of keeping monopiles vertical, and rotating it in the correct heading. For this purpose, the integrated template with six mudmats has a levelling system to ensure alignment and stability.  
The NMS-T-10000, which is owned by Heerema Marine Contractors, will be deployed with the EnBW He Dreiht offshore windfarm installation of 64 monopiles. Besides deployment of the NMS-T-10000, Heerema Marine Contractors will also make use of our IQ6 Hydrohammer® (the world’s most powerful hydraulic hammer), combined with PULSE®. PULSE is an add-on to the Hydrohammer reducing noise at the source. 
The EnBW He Dreiht offshore windfarm is located in the German North Sea. With a capacity of 960 MW, EnBW He Dreiht is one of the largest planned offshore wind power projects in Europe and will be able to supply 1.1 million households with renewable energy. It is scheduled to go into operation in 2025.

Render from Heerema


IQIP is the worldwide leading foundation and installation specialist. For over 40 years, we have been offering total solutions for construction projects in the Offshore Wind, Offshore Oil & Gas, and Civil markets, as well as Decommissioning. In addition to supplying innovative and high-quality equipment, we continuously invest in operating in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. With consultancy, engineering, production, and installation, IQIP provides reliable tailor-made solutions to optimize the operational efficiency of our customers and reduce project risks. Our combination of craftsmanship and passion makes IQIP a reliable partner in building a world for the next generation with the highest care for the environment.

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