IQIP’s newest IQ6 en route to the North Sea

News published on 17 July 2023

IQIP’s newest Hydrohammer® IQ6 with PULSE® has been loaded out from IQIP’s yard in Sliedrecht and is on its way to Godewind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3 to contribute to the foundation installation of the wind farms. During these projects, the IQ6 will make its debut and showcase its power for the first time in real life.

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Building on the reliable technology of IQIP’s world-class S Series of Hydrohammers, the innovative IQ Series offers IQIP’s largest hammers for intelligent pile driving on a large scale. The IQ-6 is also suitable for the future generation of monopiles, and with a maximum energy of 6600Kj, it is the largest hammer in the world. By regulating the energy during pile driving to match the on-site conditions, the IQ Series offers an intelligent approach that optimizes pile driving for more efficient and precise installation, ensuring foundation stability.


As larger wind turbines generate more renewable energy, the monopiles installed at sea need to be bigger as well, along with our equipment. During the installation of monopiles at sea, the noise generated by high-energy piling can be harmful to the marine environment. State-of-the-art construction methods are required to minimize the impact of noise from pile driving activities on marine life. Therefore, not only will the largest Hydrohammer® IQ6 be used, but also IQIP’s innovative noise mitigation solution, PULSE, will be added.

PULSE will address underwater noise at the source and will be used in addition to other mitigation techniques on the project to reduce the environmental impact of pile driving. The elongated blow of PULSE, which is twice the duration of a blow from a conventional hammer, results in significant noise reductions. Additionally, fatigue in the pile is reduced by up to 60 percent, allowing for the installation of more complex monopiles without damaging secondary steel.

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During its debut, the IQ6 will install 107 monopiles for the 242 MW Gode Wind 3 and 900 MW Borkum Riffgrund 3 projects. When these wind farms become operational in 2025, the maximum output at that time will correspond to the power consumption of approximately 1.2 million German households per year.


IQIP is the worldwide leading foundation and installation specialist. For over 40 years, we have been offering total solutions for construction projects in the Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, and Civil markets, as well as Decommissioning. In addition to supplying innovative and high-quality equipment, we continuously invest in operating in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. With consultancy, engineering, production, and installation, IQIP provides reliable tailor-made solutions to optimize the operational efficiency of our customers and reduce project risks. Our combination of craftsmanship and passion makes IQIP a reliable partner in building a world for the next generation with the highest care for the environment.

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